Best Moves Stories

The Best Moves was my 2003 NaNoWriMo project and ended up with a sequel-and-a-half, along with various other short stories and bits. It's set in the then-present, about a young retail worker off to find himself. He finds a bit of himself, a new circle of friends, and an unexpected someone more. Further stories chronicle the lives of various friends and other characters who weave in and out of his life.

But Julian, I'm A Little Bit Older Than You:
Julian, etc. Sometimes relationships end just because they do, and sometimes magical things happen just because they can. And sometimes starting over isn't the worst thing in the world.

Julian, Riley. Riley is cool under pressure. Julian, almost.

Ghost Hunt:
Lainey, Matthew, Tyler, Tracey. Halloween night and the wind is whipping the house.



Perfect Conclusion:
Jameson/Ethan/Robbie. Ethan tries to get some work done.



After a Spring Rain:
Christian/Luke. Christian indulges a new acquaintance.

Darkest Before Dawn:
Andy, Christian. Endings and darkness and strange company.



Corrine. Corrine finds inspiration.




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