Title: Rosa
Fandom: Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle
Characters/Pairings: Rose Hip, Netl
Summary: Exploring the maze.
Notes: for 31 Days, 'March 3 2022/you're lost in the labyrinth'

"This way?" Netl asked, pointing down one path of a fork in the Rosa Maze.

"You're the one picking," Rose Hip reminded him, smiling. Netl had been begging for an outing and after a good day and an afternoon nap, there they were in the quiet moments before twilight, twisting and turning through the maze. Rose Hip had a sword with him, in case of trouble, though he also hadn't let go of the hand Netl wasn't gesturing with.

"We'll try it."

They wouldn't get far. Rose Hip wasn't going to say anything, but he knew the maze well. Netl didn't and apparently hadn't realized this was their third time at this same fork and he kept choosing the wrong path. It was okay, though. They'd try again, another day, if it got too dark.

Netl frowned at the same dead end he finally seemed to recognize.

"Do you know where we are?"

"Yes," Rose Hip replied. "But you insisted on doing it yourself."

"Angelica's friends did it on their own."

Rose Hip nodded. "They did. Though I'm not sure how long it took them."

Netl nodded and then turned, back to the last fork.

This time he chose correctly.




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