Title: Taste-Test
Fandom: Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe
Characters/Pairings: Schirach, Monika, Rocbouquet
Summary: Chocolate.
Notes: for taichara

"Chocolate?" Schirach questioned. Vanguard seemed to have some sort of festival every few weeks; she'd arrived in the middle of two but had mostly missed them while trying to settle in.

"To whomever you like or want to express appreciation to," Monika explained.

"Your brothers count," Rocbouquet added with a unique exhaustion to her voice that spoke volumes.

Schirach couldn't help smiling. "I suppose, but..."

"Some people hand-make it, but it's far easier to buy it," Monika said quickly. She grinned. "And since you're not familiar with what's available, we're going to have to go eat samples of absolutely everything."




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