Title: Wished
Fandom: NieR Reincarnation
Characters/Pairings: Rion, Dimos
Summary: Exhaustion
Notes: from sharpest_asp's July Jewels fest 2022, "I'm too tired for this."

I'm too tired for this.

The words didn't actually come out of Rion's mouth. All he did was gently tug on the sleeve of the jacket that Dimos wore.

Dimos looked to him and nodded. The day had been long and the night before had been some of their roughest camping yet.

But they'd found a place to stay for a day or two, working for room and board.

"Rest. I'll finish this."

Rion nodded and went to sit nearby, closing his eyes and...

...later, Dimos scooped him up into strong arms and Rion wished-

-wished he wasn't so tired.




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