The first Lemonade Cafe was launched in early 2003 on Geocities, though it quickly moved to Yaoiville to better support the bandwidth and space it needed. While the Yaoiville version remains online, it is purely archival and can no longer be edited/added to. In 2019, the Lemonade Cafe was partially mirrored to the Archive of Our Own and partially mirrored to Dreamwidth. In 2023, AO3 posting ceased and the Lemonade Cafe will now be mirrored as fully as possible to Dreamwidth, Squidgeworld, and Neocities.

While the original Lemonade Cafe was "created by the archivist Raz to host the fiction written by Kalloway", that was just a running joke due to old account names. It's always just been one person.

That said-

The characters from the original Lemonade Cafe included Kalloway, Raz, Rae (an avatar of a good friend), Pretty (FFVII OC), Bradey (KH OC), and X ("Muse", no relation to Megaman or Twitter). Art/graphics of any or all of them may appear on the Gallery page now and then.

Guest fanfiction/fanart/fanworks from friends are no longer archived and will not be mirrored in any capacity.

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