Title: 31 AuGhost 2023 Ghosts
Series: -
Characters/Pairings: -
Summary: Thirty-one little ghosts written for #aughost.
Notes: Originally posted August 2023 on Fedi. Names from Seventh Sanctum.
Ghosts are listed by date, with prompt and generated name.

No. 1 - Doorway, Willa

Willa wanders the places in-between, peeking in windows and lingering in doorways. She's the shadow in the corner of your eye and that prickly feeling that you're being watched. Why she lingers, well it's hard to say. Nobody really knew her in life, either.

No 2 - Transfix, Amie

Amie can only be stared at and wondered at. She is breathtaking in death and impossible to look away from until she chooses to vanish. Then it all feels like a strange dream. Did you really see her, as she was and is and will always be or was it a trick somehow.

No 3. - Flicker, Beatriz

Beatriz is a flickering light and a strange sound when you're alone. She isn't seen and only noticed when she's ready. She might move a pen or a key or a bit of loose change. It's not even something you notice after awhile. That's how she's always been.

No 4. - Winter, Patti

Patti only comes in winter, if ghosts can come and go. She walks across the open, bare yard but leaves no tracks in the fresh-fallen snow. If you're quick, you'll catch her glance up towards the window, but not the window you might be expecting.

No. 5 - Spring, James

James fell ill in the spring but died in the fall. At least that's what everyone was told. But he comes with the smell of spring's flowers and the fresh earth after snowmelt and the feelings of beginnings. You may begin to wonder if everyone was told wrong.

No. 6 - Summer, Shannon

Shannon marks the hottest days with odd little chills and shivers in dark halls. Summer has nothing on Shannon or the dread when its their time. Shannon will touch your neck or your feet or sometimes whisper. You may start to like it.

No. 7 - Fall, Lillian

Lillian once forgot a book and ran back to get it, paying attention to nothing except the story she desperately desired. Now, as the leaves turn colors, you may just see her running and running, never to reach her destination. Yet her story continues.

No. 8 - Gift, Gregg

Gregg left behind a closet of wrapped gifts, which he often lingers in front of. They aren't in there now, but Gregg doesn't seem to know about the vacuum cleaner. Nor does he know the gifts were delivered, or the way their recipient sobbed in return.

No. 9 - Sacrifice, Cliff (The First One)

Cliff went out onto the ice to rescue his mother's dog, as if somehow the ice that wouldn't hold a dog would hold him. You might wonder why he did it, or how his mother reacted. Cliff sometimes appears on cold days, sinking beneath the water. His mother got another dog.

No. 10 - Maze, Nichole

Nichole loved games and puzzles and riddles and mazes. She loved to keep herself occupied in the bed she could barely ever leave. The room that was hers always feels strange. You know it's empty, yet you always want to stop in and say hello.

No. 11 - Turbulent, Kaye Leila

Kaye Leila lived a short, charmed life, according to anyone who knew her. Smart and pretty, she had married off to a rich friend of a friend of the family. The turbulent times were hidden well. Her ghost lingers, sobbing, beside a shallow creek.

No. 12 - Ditch, Stanley

Stanley skipped class often, especially when the weather turned warm. He ditched detention and announced his plans to work in the mill, anyway. He's never left the mill, either, and a fresh weekly time-sheet always bears his name.

No. 13 - Myth, Donnell

Donnell had a book of myths and folktales and read it a hundred times before moving on to other books of myths and folktales. Wasteful, said his parents, who had hoped for a doctor or lawyer. Now Donnell has his own story and you see him by Donnell's Tree in the square.

No. 14 - Build, Tristan

Tristan could build or fix anything. His hands were quick, and his work immaculate. You've seen things he's fixed. They're still left on his worktable by the desperate who check back in the morning to see if he's visited. Sometimes, he has.

No. 15 - Crawl, Grant

Grant was the only survivor of the accident and crawled all the way to town. His explanation was a strange one, yet everyone believed it. On rainy afternoons, nobody looks towards the old lumber road. Seeing him once is enough.

No. 16 - Camelot, Herbert

Herbert dreamed of being a knight in shining armor, initially unaware that it was a fairly extinct profession. He then collected swords and hung a plate on his fence declaring his plot Camelot. You may see him dueling a long-gone straw dummy on foggy mornings.

No. 17 - Prehistoric, Rena

Rena thought she'd found a dinosaur bone in her garden and called all the neighbors to see. There was a grand fuss until someone pointed out it was likely just from a cow or horse. She kept digging anyway, and she's still digging in the new pharmacy's parking lot to this day.

No. 18 - Quack, Mia

Mia tried every remedy there was, and then a few more, hoping for some miracle cure. She sought advice from folks who grew stranger and stranger still, offering all she had and then some. But her heart remained broken and that was that. There's something in that glass bottle she's seen with, but it isn't love.

No. 19 - Chain, Cliff (The Other One)

Cliff (The Other One) was a big guy who'd help out anyone in a pinch. He was strong and kind and never asked for anything in return. He drags long chains on cold nights, rattling and scraping along, sure to wake up someone to see whose car broke down on the old side road.

No. 20 - Web, Rodrick

Rodrick told stories and those stories told stories, and how he ever kept them straight for as long as he did became a great mystery. But eventually his web of lies and half-truths and stories caught up to him and he vanished one night. His reflection appears in the old pond. Unless that's just a story.

No. 21 - Sound, Isidro

Isidro screamed for help, but no help ever came. He still seems to be screaming, but there's no sound, no sound at all. You do not hear the birds or wind or anything else until, in a blink, he's gone again and everything else returns. Until next time.

No. 22 - Silence, Rosalind

Rosalind was the best librarian the town ever had, even if she seemed a little scary at first and hushed at the smallest whisper or shoe-squeak. She simply liked silence and books and knowing a little bit of everything about everyone. Shh, you hear, echoing.

No. 23 - Vampire, Damion

Damion claimed to have met a vampire on a moonless night when he'd taken his dog out for just a bit to do the things dogs need to do. That's why he was pale, that's why he was weak. His sister took the dog. Damion's ghost claws at its chest and quietly you wonder.

No. 24 - Werewolf, Johnny

Johnny had the best beard in town before he'd finished high school and had all sorts of nicknames – Bear, Beast, Werewolf. He just shrugged and ran his fingers through his hair and smiled. Maybe his teeth were a little pointy. Maybe he still howls on moonlit nights.

No. 25 - Frankenstein, Iva

Iva was the second-best librarian the town ever had, something that she swore to die mad about. And she did, right in the fourth long aisle of fiction, three unshelved books in her arms. She died furious that that she'd been hushed. You'd best check out that worn copy of Frankenstein or put it back exactly where you found it.

No. 26 - Invisible, Michele

Michele was the kind of girl who blended into her surroundings, getting forgotten at shops and shows and that one school trip that nobody ever, ever talks about. So of course it wasn't a surprise that everyone thought she was somewhere else, when really she'd already departed. Except, of course, she's still standing there waiting.

No. 27 - Witch, Camille

Camille had a witch's garden and always seemed to know what a person needed even before they did, which was as delightful as it was suspect. She took in a boarder, a young woman who took in mending and tended the witch's garden. The boarder is old woman now; Camille still watches over her.

No. 28 - Drop, Matthew

Matthew was naturally clumsy in virtually every way. He always had cuts and bruises and he seemed to need a new pair of glasses monthly. He once somehow dropped his keys down a grate on the side of the road. On quiet evenings you can see him still trying to fish them out.

No. 29 - Mirror, Jerry

Jerry can only be seen in the old parlor mirror, moving aimlessly about the room for as long as nobody is looking at him. He never looks at the mirror so you never see his face, though the faded picture on the wall suggests that he was quite handsome. You watch a little longer.

No. 30 - Crackle, Gus

Gus loved the crackle of electricity and made it his life's work. He never took shortcuts with safety and did all he could to mentor his apprentices. The heart attack claimed him far too young, but he's often seen still supervising. Best to work safely.

No. 31 - Magic, Wendi

Wendi baked cookies said to be truly magical in every way. One bite made the day's weight drift away. Wendi never shared her recipe and if it was written down, no one ever found it. The men who live in her house now don't bake, but the scent of those cookies drifts out one window anyway. You really do feel better.




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