Title: Ethan in Wonderland
Series: N/A (Meta)
Characters/Pairings: Jameson/Ethan
Summary: Boys will be boys will be fictional.
Notes: Before Ethan was really Ethan... just some silly that turned up while driving around late one night. ~October 2003.

Ethan yawned and stretched, looking around at his surroundings for a moment before realizing he had no surroundings.

"What the heck?"

"This is the construct, Ethan," a voice replied from behind him. Ethan's deep blue hair whipped around him as he quickly turned to find himself staring up at the red-haired mage he'd only read about in stories and heard about from his friends Raz, Pretty, and Cloud-muse. "Haven't you seen The Matrix?"

"Jameson!" the young man gasped, looking him once over. Instead of the mage robes that would have been assumed, Jameson was wearing fairly casual attire. "But you're..."

"An original character, just like you," Jameson replied, smiling as he stepped closer to Ethan. Ethan found himself shaking slightly. He wasn't sure what was happening and he was scared.

"Yeah, but... wait... we're...?"

"In a story, little one. But don't worry, though I have no reason to like you, I won't let anything happen, either." Jameson stretched and snapped his fingers. Instantly they were standing in a large parlor-esque room, brightly lit and full of vibrant furniture and accessories. "Is this better?"

"How did you do that?" Ethan slowly turned in his spot, looking around slowly and with his mouth open.

"Sometimes an author writes a story, and sometimes a story just seems to write itself," Jameson said as he circled around until he was directly behind Ethan. "And this one might just be one of the ones where the characters sort of run away with the story and force it to be written a certain way."

"Jameson." It was supposed to be a warning, but Ethan's voice broke as the mage wrapped his arms around Ethan's thin frame. Pulling their bodies close, Jameson buried his face in Ethan's hair for a moment to take in his scent.

"This is our world, our story," Jameson whispered before nipping gently at Ethan's right ear. He traced his tongue along the edge slowly and stopped to play with the small silver stud that pierced the lobe.

"I... Even though they say I... I... don't... haven't..." Ethan was still stammering a broken set of protests and explanations as Jameson moved a hand lower, tracing Ethan's hip downward and resting on one shaking thigh.

"That's the great thing about fiction, Ethan," Jameson said as he used his other hand to pull the hair away from Ethan's neck to he could kiss the skin there. "You can have as many first times as you like. And second times. And third times. In any position you'd like."

"Jameson!" Ethan finally broke away, turning to face his aggressor and taking a few steps backwards. His legs hit a coffee table though and he tumbled backwards onto it, sprawled out over it's length.

Jameson smirked and strode over to where a slightly dazed Ethan lay. Dropping to his knees, he leaned over and lightly kissed Ethan's slightly parted lips.

"Perfect," he said, before reaching for the top buttons of the black shirt Ethan was wearing.

"You want to... with me?"

The question made Jameson stop after the third button. He looked up into Ethan's wide violet eyes and smiled. "Yes, though I could see where this coffee table wouldn't be the ideal spot."

"But I... I mean... I... um..."

Jameson silenced Ethan with a kiss, slipping his tongue between Ethan's lips to taste what was soon to be his. Ethan returned the kiss sloppily, but if Jameson could do anything, he could completely erase Ethan's inexperience.

In one fluid motion, Jameson lifted Ethan from the table and into his arms, carrying him across the room and through an open door.

"A bedroom? This doesn't make any sense. Who would build..." Ethan's eyes were still wide when Jameson dumped him onto the bed, but at least he stopped talking.

"You don't quite understand the concept yet, do you?"

Jameson started pulling off his own clothing, watching Ethan carefully as he did so. He'd managed to strip down to just his pants before Ethan spoke again.

"You really mean this?"

With a nod, Jameson stopped once his pants were unbuttoned and climbed onto the bed. Jameson's hair hung over them both, pooling on the top cover of the bed as he lay over Ethan, claiming Ethan in another kiss.

"You're only a virgin because I want you to be," Jameson whispered before moving to suck on Ethan's neck and let his hands roam lower.

"Jameson," Ethan gasped as he unconsciously arched into the touch. He couldn't even manage to remember how, or if, he even knew the man on top of him.

But he did want more. Even if the situation made no sense, the pleasure coursing through his body seemed very real. And wonderful.

Somehow he managed to switch their positions so he was on top of Jameson - on his hands and knees while he kissed the other man deeply before dipping down to suck on his neck and then move lower. It seemed a bit silly at first, yet as he took a firm nipple between his teeth and heard Jameson's gasp of excitement, he knew he was doing the right thing.

But as he moved lower, tracing over the lines of Jameson's abdomen, Ethan felt hesitation growing in the pit of his stomach. He actually wasn't sure what came next. His hands were on the zipper of Jameson's pants when Ethan paused, catching Jameson's deep blue eyes with his own violet.

"Go on," Jameson said, a slight smile cracking his face, though Ethan couldn't tell if the man was laughing at him or with him.

Slowly and carefully, Ethan pulled the zipper down. It was awkward act - he wasn't sure he'd ever undressed anybody else before. And his cheeks burned red when he realized Jameson wore no underwear.

Another questioning gaze was met with a grin.

"Ethan..." Jameson said softly, "lay down and let me show you how wonderful you can feel."

Ethan nodded slowly, sliding onto the soft bedding beside him. Almost instantly, Jameson was on him, kissing him fiercely while snapping the remaining buttons from Ethan's shirt, sending them sailing across the room.

Moaning deep in his throat, Ethan tangled his hands up into Jameson's hair, keeping the older man to him, savoring the feeling of being so supremely desired. It felt wonderful, more wonderful by the second.

Jameson pulled back to stare at Ethan as they both caught their breaths. And then, slowly, Jameson moved so he could lay between Ethan's legs, forcing their covered arousals to meet in such a motion that they both cried out at the contact. Grinding gently against Ethan, Jameson picked a tender spot on Ethan's shoulder to accost with his mouth. Ethan arched and squirmed with the sudden jolts of pleasure, unable to find the exact words but still moaning what he hoped came off as praise.

"Still okay?" Jameson asked before moving again, off the bed.

"Come back," Ethan replied, holding his arms up invitingly.

"I need to take my pants off, as do you," Jameson replied, hooking his hands into his pants as he spoke and sliding them down.

Ethan couldn't help but stare at Jameson's arousal once it was uncovered. He'd gotten a peek at the tip, glistening with a bead of clear fluid, when he'd unzipped the mage's pants, but seeing the whole thing was completely different.


"Sorry," Ethan apologized, quickly moving to cast off his shirt before sliding from the bed to fumble with his own pants. He couldn't quite get his fingers to move the way he wanted them to and after a moment, Jameson stepped behind him.

Wrapping his arms around Ethan, Jameson pushed Ethan's hands away and undid Ethan's pants himself. As he slid them down, he pushed forward, his arousal pressing against Ethan's back as he did so. Ethan's slight shudder was all the confirmation he needed.

Ethan stepped out of his pants quickly, doing his best not to leave Jameson's embrace. Once he'd shaken both legs free of clothing, Jameson reached down to cup Ethan's testicles before stroking upward and caressing the length of Ethan's arousal.

Letting out a low moan, Ethan rocked and thrust against Jameson's hand, his eyes closed and barely holding his own weight. Still stroking ever so softly, Jameson guided them both onto the bed until they were again lying front to front, hands roaming and exploring freely.

"Jameson, I..." Ethan began after a few moments, only to be silenced with a quick kiss.

"Do you want to come?" Jameson asked, knocking some stray locks of red hair back over his shoulder.

"Please!" Ethan replied quickly, shivering ever so slightly as he spoke.

Jameson snapped his fingers, opening his hand to reveal a small tube.

"It's a gift," Jameson said with a wink before dipping down to take Ethan's arousal into his mouth.

With a cry, Ethan tried to thrust up into the moist heat of Jameson's mouth, but Jameson held him tightly to the bed. Jameson chuckled around Ethan's erection before licking at the underside of the tip, looking for his most sensitive spot.

Ethan's low wail upped itself an octave at that moment, continuing on as Jameson sucked and nipped at that spot alone. Thankfully Ethan had stopped trying to thrust and Jameson could devote both hands to slicking fingers and locating the soft skin around Ethan's entrance.

Ethan froze at the first contact to that part of his body, but after a reassuring pat from Jameson on Ethan's left thigh, Ethan took a deep breath and resumed his mewling cries.

Jameson shifted to take more of Ethan's arousal into his mouth, bobbing head and trying to distract Ethan from the pair of fingers being pushed into his body. But instead of the reaction Jameson was expecting, Ethan pressed back against the invading fingers, moaning as he did so. After a couple thrusts and hearing the corresponding cries of pleasure, Jameson sat up, leaving Ethan's arousal for the hand not working between Ethan's legs.

As quickly as he could, Jameson worked out a rhythm to match his hands and Ethan's bucking body all into one smooth motion. Almost too soon though, Ethan let out a howl that echoed off the walls as his body shuddered and he came. He coated his stomach and Jameson's hand with his hot seed, grabbing at both the blankets and Jameson as he did so.

"Jameson," Ethan managed to cry after a moment, turning the mage's name into five breathy syllables as he pawed the air, beckoning his lover closer.

"You're mine," Jameson replied before giving in to Ethan's need and kissing Ethan long and deep, his tongue seeking out every explorable bit of Ethan's mouth.

Finally he righted himself, pressing his own arousal to Ethan's slicked opening. Quickly he grabbed the lubricant from where it lay on the bed and coated his own erection, gasping as he did so.

Using all the self-control he could gather, Jameson slowly guided himself into Ethan's body, inch after inch into the tight heat that gripped him. Ethan lay still, not letting any sound escape from his lips, but his body language told Jameson the teen was in no pain.

"You've figured out how this works," Jameson said quickly, licking his lips after.

Ethan nodded before finally letting a low moan escape. "Need..."

Jameson took that to mean that he didn't have to be holding back so much. Pulling back until he was almost free, he thrust forward until he was fully inside of Ethan's warmth. Ethan cried out, spreading his legs more, inviting more from Jameson.

And Jameson took it, setting a faster pace that seemed to be perfectly pleasuring them both. Beneath him, Ethan was fast becoming aroused again, even before the result of his last orgasm had started to dry on his hot skin.

"Jameson!" Ethan howled, pushing himself back to meet Jameson's thrusts, bringing his legs up higher.

Jameson grinned and thrust harder and faster as he grabbed Ethan's legs and brought them up to rest at his shoulders. The position was perfect to reach down and take Ethan's erection in his right hand while his left held fast to Ethan's right hip. It took a moment to rework the rhythm back to perfection, during which Ethan looked up, eyes wide and lips parted slightly to meet Jameson's guarded gaze.

"Mine," Jameson reminded the blue-haired youth before angling slightly to press his erection against the spot within Ethan's body that his fingers had been touching earlier.

"More!" Ethan cried, not protesting when Jameson took the hand from his arousal to instead hold his body to hit that spot with thrust after thrust. Ethan brought his own hands to his erection, pumping roughly as he screamed out praises and ultimately spilled over his body, Jameson's name on his lips.

Jameson watched intently, entranced by the sheer eroticness of watching Ethan masturbate while being penetrated so thoroughly. His own body couldn't take the over-stimulation of Ethan's shuddering heat and the visuals his eyes were drinking in. With a few final quick and hard thrusts, Jameson found himself crying Ethan's name and emptying himself deep within the warmth of the youth's body.

They lay, still joined, exhausted, together. Jameson didn't want to even roll from Ethan's body.

"Is this a happy ending?" Ethan asked after a few more minutes of quiet closeness. He had one hand in Jameson's hair and the other one resting on the mage's back.

Jameson chuckled before giving Ethan a quick, chaste kiss.

"Who says this is the ending?"




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