Title: Joke
Series: Tootfics
Characters/Pairings: Isadora, Harris
Summary: Bad jokes.
Notes: 'joke' Mastodon tootfic

Isadora sighed and beckoned her late-night patient inside.

"What did you do this time?" she asked.

"Went a little far with a joke," Harris replied, his voice a bit more hollow than usual.

Isadora stared at Harris for a long, long moment.

"Okay, went way too far with an unfunny joke and swords came out," Harris admitted. "Mostly theirs. And you can see how that turned out."

"I'm charging my usual fee," Isadora replied flatly.

"Yeah, yeah, but joke's still on them. I've been dead for sixty years!

"Now, Isadora, dear, put my head back on?"




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