Title: Lure
Series: Tootfics
Characters/Pairings: Chloe
Summary: The lure of flame.
Notes: 'lure' Mastodon tootfic

Chloe stared into the fire and felt the lure of the flames stronger than she ever had, even as a child.

She'd always been warned away by her parents, by Nanny, by Governess...

She'd been promised a room with a grate, not a hearth, but a window had been damaged in that last storm, could she handle a hearth for a week?

The fire called to her. The flames beckoned. Chloe knew she shouldn't- No, she'd been told she shouldn't- She'd been told to stay away-

Carefully, Chloe reached one hand into flickering red and orange-

She didn't burn.




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