Title: One Sword
Series: -
Characters/Pairings: -
Summary: The hands a sword passes through. For #swordtember.
Notes: For #swordtember, prompts from faith_schaffer, which were descriptions more of the wielders than a sword, so I thought perhaps it's one sword the entire time- Names by Seventh Sanctum, order by Random-org

1. Witch

Amos took the sword in his hands and looked it over. The blade was fine, the hilt ornate, though both showed signs of wear and age. But it was a fair trade for his work and they both knew it.

He would not keep it. A witch like him had little use for a blade of its sort. But as he sent the woman who'd given it on her way, Amos wondered if it might not be the perfect thing to pass along to a friend who might actually need it.

2. Wizard

Wade looked at the sword, and at Amos, and then back to the sword. Finally, he said he'd give it a try. Adventuring sometimes required more than raw magic and he'd meant to see about a blade of some sort.

But once Amos left, Wade looked at the sword again, with its fine blade and ornate hilt. He lifted it once and then swung it, sure that the weight was wrong for him. It could be traded, though. Some adventurer would surely like it.

3. Rogue

Myron caught wind of a wizard trying to trade a fancy sword and thought he'd maybe just see if it was worth trading a bit of junk or a bit of nothing for. He wasn't expecting it to be Wade, though, and quickly gave up on unkind thoughts.

He actually had a sword to trade, a spare, weighted wrong for him but a much better fit for Wade. And he liked the fine blade with the ornate hilt, but the longer he looked at it that night, the more he was sure he'd be better off finding it a new home.

4. Dragonslayer

Mariana needed a sword and quickly. Her previous one was half-wedged in the very angry dragon who'd only been a normally angry dragon not long before. If half her companions hadn't decided to run, it wouldn't have gone as badly, but there she was.

Myron liked being alive and without thinking, he threw her the fine sword with the ornate hilt and it seemed like it belonged in her hand. At least until the dragon was dead at her feet, the sword broken, but the town saved.

5. Spymaster

Neva had information and she was quite willing to sell it if she needed to. But the dragon had disrupted her network and Mariana had killed it, so it only made sense to just tell the dragonslayer what she needed to know.

She was not expecting Mariana to leave a broken sword on her desk, nor was she sure what to do with it. Neva preferred other means, and besides, what good was it now? Still, she tucked it away.

6. Knight Errant

Wilbert wandered into Neva's tavern and promptly declared his intentions. Except the dragon had already been dealt with, so there was no need for him. That left him a little put out and more than a little embarrassed.

He was not expecting Neva to give him a broken sword and instructions to have it reforged. But Wilbert knew a smith who'd do it and he was sure it would lead to a grand adventure.

7. Oracle

Rosalyn knew who and what she was waiting for. She knew the man and she knew the sword. The man was of little importance. The sword needed to pass through her hands.

When Wilbert wandered into her sanctuary, she told him all he wanted to know and then some, and then demanded the sword at his hip as payment. It was a fine sword, with a strange hilt. It was old and yet new. Rosalyn took it, only to know she'd give it away.

8. Jester

Clare had trained with a troupe of performers and knew how to throw knives. She once saved a noble and had then met a king. But she'd never met an oracle before Rosalyn, nor had she ever felt the stirring in her heart that she felt when she took Rosalyn's hand.

Her contract was not up yet, however, and she did not have what it would take to pay it off. She was not expecting Rosalyn to give her a fine sword with a strange hilt, but it was taken as payment nonetheless.

9. Royal Hunt Leader

Elva had not expected a sword to come into the royal treasury in exchange for a simple jester's contract, but it was not the kind of blade meant to sit and rot on a stand somewhere.

Its fine blade caught her eye when she pulled it from its plain scabbard, and she knew it was something special. Two simple decrees later and it was at her side, a companion for quite some time.

10. Healer

Patrice took the sword but then shook her head. She was not a fighter in any way. She didn't even like killing the little bugs that got into the infirmary or watching as her cat dealt with the mice.

But Elva could fight no longer and wanted to give something to the one who'd at least saved her life. Elva closed her eyes and explained that it was the sort of sword that Patrice would find a home for.

11. Queen

Vera may have been queen but she did not think those working in the castle as beneath her. She helped in the laundry when she could and learned to bake and called upon the healers in the infirmary.

When she expressed intention to learn with the soldiers, her dear friend Patrice gifted her a fine blade, though the hilt was a bit strange. But it sang in her hand and she continued to win hearts.

12. King

Corine was the third female king of her country and this was the first visit abroad she'd made since being crowned. She traveled with trusted staff and soldiers, and she was meeting with allies.

She had not expected Vera, however, or how very wise Vera was about the common workings of the realm. It did not take them long to become close, nor for Vera to gift her what she clearly needed – a sword.

13. Royal Heir

Harlan was not the first heir, nor the second. But he was strong and smart and had not taken anything for granted. Even if he only ever governed a small city, he'd give it all he had. Even when his siblings defied their mother, he persisted.

They were surprised when he was given the sword that Corine had always held dearly. She then promised he'd be king, if he wanted. He held the fine blade with the strange hilt and swore he'd be the king she wanted him to be.

14. Royal Guard

Ramona served in the royal guard just as her mother had, and her mother's father, and her mother's father's parents both. She served King Corine and then King Harlan with nothing short of pure loyalty. Her own son was already training to serve as well.

When she stopped a plot against the king, she knew she'd be rewarded, though she expected a medal or a small sum, not all of that and a fine sword that she'd known to have been at Harlan's side for many years.

15. Enchanter

Galen accepted the sword as payment, despite the hurt in Ramona's eyes as she handed it over. That was the nature of transactions like these. She was doing what she needed to do in hopes that what he could do would work.

In the end, Galen managed, but then he had a sword he did not need. It was a fine sword, with a strange hilt, and old tales said it best to pass swords like it on. But he didn't know who might need it, so instead he recalled another tale and cast it into the river.

16. River Spirit

Maura saw the enchanter toss the sword and swam over to pull it out of the silt. She slid her hand along the blade and felt its power and the blood it had spilled. Normally, weapons thrown into her depths were unimpressive and cheap. This sword was so much more.

But no matter how nice the sword was, it did not belong in her waters. As with any weapon she found, Maura brought it to her lips and made it clean and pure again. It would be strong and continue its cycle. And then then she took it to the far shore.

17. Forest Spirit

Sean nodded as he took the sword from Maura's hand. It would need a new scabbard, but that wouldn't be difficult for some human to acquire. The blade was fine enough that it would be worth trading.

Maura brought him the weapons from her waters, along with other things that didn't belong. The sword didn't belong in Sean's forest, either. Passing it along wouldn't be difficult, for a fee of some sort. Wandering into the trees, Sean heard a song.

18. Bard

Kip had met the spirit of the forest more than once and always enjoyed their little meetings. He brought his stories and songs, the Sean brought strange things left in his wood. They talked and ate and whatever else until dawn, like always.

Though Kip was not expecting to be handed a sword unlike any he'd ever seen. It was the kind of blade one sang of, not held. Surely it was not meant to be in the hands of a mere bard. As he moved on, Kip started to hum a new tune.

19. Alchemist

Adela had no use for a sword but the metal looked interesting and it if was the payment Kip had, it would do. Perhaps she could turn it into something else or at least change it a bit. Or perhaps she could swing it around a bit and dream of when she'd wanted to be a knight.

Wheeling herself over to where Kip waited, she handed him the medicine he'd come to get and bid him a good day. Now she had a sword to consider, and also items to make for her shop and customers.

20. Summoner

Reyna saw the sword behind Adela's counter and asked its price. She was not expecting to have it handed to her with only a smile. It wasn't as if Reyna had needed that sword in particular.

But she needed something, for what she had been tasked with. She was to summon a great spirit and it might be dangerous. A sword might at least make her feel at ease. Adela gave Reyna a few more things, too.

21. Mermaid

Boris listened to Reyna's tale of the great wind spirit and splashed his tail in the water of the shallow pool he was kept in. At least she came to keep him company now and then, even when those who'd captured him had lost interest.

He asked to see the sword, a part of the story she'd only just mentioned. She'd not used it, just carried it. It gave her strength. He needed that strength, he claimed, so, later, Reyna brought it to him.

22. Vampire

Salvatore smelled blood as he slipped into the compound and immediately found its source. A mermaid, dead in a shallow pool, was of no further interest to him, however. The fine blade on the ground was interesting, however.

He dipped it in the pool to wash it clean before sheathing it in its scabbard. Then he moved on, because he was not there for the mermaid or sword. He'd lingered for too long already and he thirsted for human blood.

23. Vampire Hunter

Kent had hunted Salvatore for years, but he had not expected Salvatore to suddenly come to him and hand him a sword. Nor did he expect the tale of an escaped summoner, a dead mermaid, or the very dead lord of the compound.

The sword was outstanding, though the hilt was a bit strange. The scabbard didn't fit well, but Kent could do- Could do something about- He- Salvatore did need to wash the taste out of his mouth, yes. What sword?

24. Barbarian

Tyrell took the sword from Kent and shook his head. Too small for him, too fine. But he knew a smith who could go over it and really make it into a good weapon for whoever might need it. It seemed like the kind of sword that would never stay in one place for long.

Kent explained he was giving up on hunting vampires. He'd found the one he wanted, after all. He also wouldn't be around much, at least not during the day. Maybe he'd take up a different trade. Tyrell wished him well.

25. Inquisitor

Ethel only questioned Tyrell about one thing and that thing was the sword. One sword per person on the street and that was the rule. But since it was on its way to being repaired, she let him go.

She was surprised when the smith returned it to her and not the big man who'd had it before. He'd moved along, apparently, and he'd requested it passed along since it was that kind of sword.

26. Artificer

Joseph was an honest man and even after looking the fine sword with the unique hilt over some three times, he couldn't say a single thing about it. There was nothing he could add or subtract or even make sense of.

This, he told Ethel. She just shrugged and told him to keep it. What need did she have for a sword that refused to be neatly defined. It would end up logged and on a shelf, and surely Joseph would find a better use for it.

27. Assassin

Jerold did good work for good pay. His trade was a necessary one, though not one he advertised too terribly loudly. He told Joseph that he was a hunter, might he have anything to help him with his quarry.

Joseph mostly worked in household goods, but he did have one sword with properties unknown. It was hardly worth selling and had sat around for far too long. Jerold smiled and took it off his hands, sure that it would work.

28. Druid

Lucien smiled as they were presented their former master's head and the sword used. Their master had strayed. Their master had broken the oath. This was only what was expected and every member of their order knew it would happen.

But Lucien was not expecting Jerold to implore Lucien to keep the sword to go along with their new ranking within the order. A reminder, Jerold said. Lucien smiled and reached for the fine blade. It had a unique hilt, one that reminded them of an old story.

29. Paladin

Petra met Lucien at the edge of a low cliff and sat beside them, looking down at the river below and the forest beyond. They met once a month, with Petra telling Lucien her revelations and growth and how the magic within her bloomed.

Then she should have a fine sword, they said, to go with the magic and growth that had stagnated within the order. Petra accepted Lucien's sword with wordless joy and happy tears. It was the last time they met.

30. Necromancer

Nell raised the fallen paladin for long enough to learn what had transpired. A dragon, beginning its rampage, had been too much for her alone. That, Nell understood. She, too, would be no match for a dragon.

She dug a shallow grave and beckoned Petra into it, laying her to a final rest. But Petra's sword remained and Nell would need a charm to keep the dragon away. Luckily, she knew a witch named Amos who could do it. And the sword would be a good trade.




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