Title: Of Summer
Series: N/A
Characters/Pairings: Carlen/Pol, Carlen, Pol
Summary: A quick snip of summer.
Notes: -

Carlen withdrew her hand from between Pol's legs, not bothering to fix Pol's panties nor the sundress that Pol was wearing to try to keep cool in the summer heat. Licking her fingers, Carlen glanced over at Pol, who hadn't moved since the first pleasurable instant of her orgasm had hit. She looked undone, Carlen decided, a bit of a rarity for Pol.

There was a loud noise and Carlen turned back to the television and the movie they'd been watching - no, the movie that had been on... The noise that kept Pol's moans from carrying out the open windows and into the neighborhood. Pol was loud, but Carlen never discouraged her.

Pol still had her eyes closed.

"Mmm," Pol mumbled a moment later as she reached down to fix her own panties and dress. "I love you."

"Not romantic," Carlen noted. "You should say that in the morning when my hair is sticking all over and I've burned your breakfast."

"I'm never awake enough..."

"To love me?" Carlen joked, but no sooner was it out of her mouth than she regretted it. Pol's eyes were open at once and she was giving Carlen 'the look'.


"I didn't mean..." Carlen wished she could backpedal all the way down the street and possibly to another state.

But the moment passed and Pol only laughed lightly, a sound that made Carlen think of wind-chimes.

Wind-chimes. That's what the house was missing... Carlen closed her eyes for a moment and listened to the white noise of the television and the summer creeping in from outside and she wanted to sigh.

"Hey, what is it?" Pol asked. Carlen felt the soft weight of Pol against her, leaning. Pol was warm and smelled nice. Pol was Pol.

"Nothing," Carlen replied. "Just..."

"Mmm, yeah I'm good," Pol commented, nudging Carlen a bit and a bit more until they were both laying on the sofa in a sort of tangle that was far too hot for the weather. "We should do this every day."




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