Title: Riotous
Series: N/A
Characters/Pairings: Chaos/Riot, Riot, Chaos
Summary: Two boys, one limp Christmas tree, in a bar!
Notes: Originally written as 'Francis T.' Written incognito for a defunct ML. (2004)

Riot smoothed his skirt before reclining back onto the top of the bar. His blonde hair spilled back, puddling around his head as he gazed up at the twinkling Christmas lights he'd finally bothered to string up.

It was December 23rd, not too long before 11am, the time that Riot generally bothered to open the place. He was tempted to give away a fair amount of free drinks over the next few days - anyone bothering to come drinking at his place certainly deserved something.

There was a crashing outside, which unnerved the blonde. Usually no one showed up for a good hour after opening. Unless it was Chaos, finally bothering to be on time for once.

The unlocked front door swung open and a gothed-out twenty-something stumbled in, a raggedy pine tree slung over his shoulder.

"Morning, boss," Chaos chirped as he shifted the tree so that he was holding it upright. "I brought us a little Christmas cheer!"

"Eat me," Riot replied, not bothering to move. "What the fuck are you going to do with that, anyway?"

"Decorate it," Chaos said firmly. "It's only going to be up for three days, anyway."

Riot was not amused, but he wasn't going to fight with his best bartender over something as stupid as a Christmas tree that didn't look as though it would even live through the night.

"Fine. Whatever. But what are you going to decorate it with?" Riot sat up and slid off the top of the bar, landing perfectly despite his perilously high-heeled boots.

Chaos threw the tree onto a table and proceeded to pull his coat off.

"Stuff," he said, looking around.

Sighing, Riot wandered over to turn on the rest of the lights. The place was now officially open. But there wasn't exactly a line waiting to bust in the door.

For the first half-hour, Chaos did little more than poke around for bottle caps and paper for snowflakes. He seemed proud of the tree, despite how scraggly it appeared. Riot, on the other hand, was attempting a quick inventory. The drinkers would be in after Christmas; that was a fact.

"How was your weekend?" Chaos asked suddenly, midway between trying to get the tree to stop tilting to the left and changing the channel on the static-y TV that sat just to its left.

"The usual," Riot replied, licking his lips. "Bondage, liquor and cheesy pickup lines."

"You have all the fun."

Riot rolled his eyes. "You're the one all geeked over a fucking Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

"It's not that bad," Chaos said, tilting the tree back to an upright position yet again. "It just needs a little green blanket to hold it up."

"Blue." Riot glanced down the length of the bar. An ashtray was missing.


"It was a blue blanket," Riot stated, before moving on. "I'll see if I have an old towel in the back as a substitute."

"There's the spirit!" Chaos laughed, a strange sight on a spooky child such as himself.

"I owe you an indulgence now and then," Riot replied before disappearing into the backroom.

Chaos had strung a dozen paperclips into a garland and was trying to find more to add when Riot returned, clutching a fairly clean hand towel.

"Here," he said, handing it over to Chaos. "I don't suppose you need anything else."

"Customers," Chaos said, gesturing out to the vacant building. "Where is everyone?"

"Shopping," said Riot as he started digging in a drawer. "I think there's some tinfoil in here somewhere. You're infectious you know. If I end up singing 'Jingle Bells', I may have to kill you."

"I don't know the words," Chaos admitted, his head down ever so slightly. "My family didn't much do holidays."

Riot raised an eyebrow. He thought he had known everything there was to know about the younger man.

"Dashing through the snow..." Riot sang, his voice clear as he pulled out a partial roll of tinfoil. "In a one-horse open sleigh..."

Chaos started laughing again as he reached for the tinfoil. But Riot wasn't about to give it up. He'd struck upon an idea while looking for it and wanted to attempt to follow through.

"O'er the fields we go..." Chaos lunged, narrowly missing and instead pinning Riot against the back counter. The force of impact rattled a few bottles, causing Riot to turn his head quickly.


Chaos let out a little growl before knocking Riot's blond mane aside and bringing his lips to Riot's neck.

Dropping the tinfoil, Riot let himself be embraced, cautiously rubbing Chaos' back.

"Christmas spirit," Chaos whispered before devoting himself to a dark bruise on Riot's neck.

Riot gasped, pressing back against Chaos, grinding his body against the gothling's, not at all surprised to feel Chaos' erection almost immediately.

"We're open," Riot whispered when Chaos slipped a hand up under Riot's skirt.

"If someone comes in, I'll stop," Chaos replied, grasping for his prize at the same moment he forced his lips over Riot's.

Riot couldn't even nod, lost instead in the torrent of pleasure being inflicted upon his body. He rocked against Chaos' hand, letting himself be kissed and barely managing to wrap his arms up around Chaos to rest in the man's hair.

It didn't take much more for Riot to find himself thrown up onto the back counter, skirt pushed up and lacy underwear thrown to the wind. Chaos was apparently quite serious with his intentions; he'd already provided everything else needed for a quick tryst.

"Chaos..." It was a weak protest and Riot knew that Chaos knew that it was necessary, but meant nothing. As a pair of lubricated fingers slipped into his body, Riot cried out, writhing in pleasure. His boots knocked against the series of fridges below, echoing around the empty building.

Chaos undid his pants with his other hand, multi-tasking effortlessly until he pulled his fingers from Riot and positioned his erection to take their place.

His first thrust pushed Riot back a bit, hitting the wall near the cash register and knocking the Christmas tree askew again. But neither one noticed - nothing was happening outside their late-morning encounter.

Riot brought his legs up to rest against Chaos, ankles bent slightly over Chaos' shoulders. The position let Chaos hit deep within Riot, shaking them both with the intensity. Riot wondered if he was going to come without even touching himself.

But before that could happen, Chaos lost himself in a fast, hard orgasm. Riot didn't mind his bartender jumping the gun a bit - he knew Chaos at least had the decency to finish things off as properly as possible.

"Nnn, sorry, Riot..." Chaos' breath was harsh and ragged as he pulled away, not bothering to fix his pants before thrusting a pair of fingers into Riot's body. "I won't leave you hanging."

Riot's laugh trailed off into a moan as he arched against Chaos' fingers. Chaos quickly moved his other hand to stroke Riot's neglected arousal, matching the timing of his other motions perfectly.

As he came, Riot found himself staring up at the Christmas lights he'd finally bothered to string up around the bar. And then he closed his eyes to ride out the pleasure coursing through his body.

Chaos was gone, missing only until Riot heard the sink turn on. Almost on cue the raggedy jukebox across the room started up, randomly selecting soft mournful song.

Sighing, Riot righted himself and slid to the floor. When he looked over at Chaos, the black-haired man was smiling and holding the discarded tinfoil.

"Got it," he said. "And I know what I'm going to do with it."

Riot just shook his head and looked for where he'd left his inventory sheets. Christmas was a wonderful time of year, really, no matter how one looked at it.




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