Title: Senses
Series: Tootfics
Characters/Pairings: Lady Orva, Prince Jovan
Summary: Too much.
Notes: 'nose' Mastodon tootfic

"May I have this dance?"

Lady Orva had retreated to the castle gardens to clear her head, and her nose, from the overwhelming everything of the ball. She'd never done well in crowds, but she kept trying...

She was not expecting to turn and see the third prince, Jovan, extending a hand.

"I... Yes, of course."

Lady Orva took his hand carefully.

"It's really bright in there tonight," Jovan said quietly.

"Loud," Lady Orva added. "Too many scents."

Jovan nodded, and then they danced, not close, not at first.

Not til everything was clear.




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