Title: Sheer
Series: Beyond the Churchyard
Characters/Pairings: Teofila, Miha
Summary: Seduction.
Notes: 'sheer' Mastodon tootfic

Teofila wandered through the little shop and ran her hands over sheer nightgowns and other pieces kept far from the window.

But none were quite what she was after and she finally looked to the circling clerk who, aside from a greeting, seemed utterly intimidated by her.

"Are none of these to your liking, Miss?"

"I need something far naughtier," Teofila said with a grin. "Like I want to seduce a Holy One."

The clerk blushed scarlet but nodded.

And the Holy One in question, not quite out of earshot, said nothing.

Miha hardly needed seducing.




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