Title: Shimmering
Series: -
Characters/Pairings: -
Summary: Olivia hasn't met a gwragedd annwn. Yet.
Notes: belated treat for 2023's fandomtrees

"Take these with you if you're going by the lake," Olivia's great-aunt said as she handed Olivia a handful of candies wrapped in shimmering foil. "If you meet a gwragedd annwn, offer them to her."

Olivia shoved them into her pocket like she always did. They'd been doing this same thing every summer for nearly two decades and Olivia had yet to meet a gwragedd annwn.

But she was going to go for a jog, and probably by the lake, and if she did meet a gwragedd annwn, beautiful and blonde and dressed in green, she'd offer candy and see what happened.

Of course, what should happen was that if the gwragedd annwn was pleased, she'd perhaps consider marriage. When she was younger, Olivia just wanted a friend. Now, well, a wife would certainly be nice, if they got along. She was incredibly tired of disappointing dates.

"Do I get one, too?" Olivia's other great-aunt asked with a playful little smile. When Olivia had been a child, her great-aunts had been friends and then roommates and now finally wives.


There was no question which great-aunt Olivia was related to; one had her thick curly dark hair, though it was streaked with grey. The other was still blonde and slim and—

Olivia watched as the candy was handed over, aged fingers still lingering with love as they touched.

—there wasn't any way, was there?

Shaking her head, Olivia headed towards the back door.

She'd do two laps by the lake.




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