Title: Deep Breaths
Fandom: Alice in the Country of Clover
Characters/Pairings: Alice/Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum, Alice, Dee, Dum
Summary: Afterward, Alice tries to catch her breath.
Notes: For 31 Days, May 2, 2020/deep breath deep breath

Alice tried to catch her breath; she tried to remember how to breathe. To either side, Dee and Dum were breathing just as harshly. Hopefully they were smiling. Hopefully she was smiling. Because even though Alice was pretty sure she wanted to sleep for a week, she felt really good, too.

"Are you okay, Big Sis?"

"Were we too much for you?"

Hands snaked across her bare stomach as both twins snuggled closer against her.

"I'm fine," Alice managed. "More than fine."

"Good. Really good."

Alice suddenly realized that she might be in trouble.

"Means we can do it again."




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