Original Fiction

  Agassia Stories: Agassia, also known as 'Dark Magick', has been around in some form or other since 1995. At its heart, it's a portal fantasy, though many of the stories are about the residents and past of Agassia, independent of their interactions with world-hoppers Cassandra and her son Ethan. Agassia has grown and evolved over the last nearly-thirty years. The stories in the Agassia Stories section reflect this and may loudly contradict one another and current 'canon'.

  The Best Moves Stories: The Best Moves was my 2003 NaNoWriMo project and ended up with a sequel-and-a-half, along with various other short stories and bits. It's set in the then-present, about a young retail worker off to find himself. He finds a bit of himself, a new circle of friends, and an unexpected someone more. Further stories chronicle the lives of various friends and other characters who weave in and out of his life.

  Mobile Suit Gundam Iscariot: An attempt at 'writing a Gundam series', Iscariot is a sprawling story about a school, some mercenaries, some secrets, a lot of giant robots, and connections. While it's currently in the middle of a hefty re-write/edit, the original version will remain readable for the foreseeable future as well.

  Everything Else: This is everything else! Various stories of various lengths about various things. Please enjoy!




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