Other Original Fiction

(Tiny stories posted to the Fediverse)

Friend: Co-op.

Crush: A crush.

Liminal: Beginning.

Twelve Keys: She carried them.

Balloon: Cleanup.

Wind: Unexpected magic.

Weight: A new blade.

Vulture: Details.

Velvet: An exchange.

Store: Storage.

Sincere: Wish and desire.

Sharp: The hunt.

Require: Class schedules.

Practice: A thousand times.

Senses: Too much.

Lure: The lure of flame.

Joke: Bad jokes.

Twilight: Graverobbers.

Margin: A little extra.


Beyond the Churchyard
(A story of demons, holy ones, humans, and dead gods)

Pears: Rian. Juicy pears.

Run: Rian. A scramble.

Early Morning Sunlight: Rian, Kyle, Shalla. A morning of surprises.

Gloves: Rian. Wandering.


Mill: Teofila, Miha. A party.

Sheer: Teofila/Miha. Seduction.


OneWord Exercises
(Sixty Second Bits)

Untitled: Waiting.

Untitled: Reputations.

Untitled: Doctor.

Untitled: Switch.


(A modern story)

Liz has a job offer, her sister Julie has... a mess and an idea.


Mermaid Tales

Superior Cold:
"Merman Caught in South Pacific!" said the headline of the paper that Drey bought from the supermarket he worked at in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Summer Skin:
Drey works on communication with his new friends.


Stand-Alone Stories

Olivia hasn't met a gwragedd annwn. Yet.

I'm just here to judge you. Don't take it too personally.

Meg, Sadie. The worst vampires in a dull little town.

Blood Petals:
Christian, Ethan, Darshan. In a bar.

31 AuGhost 2023 Ghosts:
Thirty-one little ghosts written for #aughost.

One Sword:
The hands a sword passes through.

Hopeless Stars:
An alien and a robot have a chat.

Ethan in Wonderland:
Jameson/Ethan. Boys will be boys will be fictional.

Kevin almost plans a murder.

Boys in a bar.

Late at Night:
In a cemetery, Mike gets himself about as lost as he can get.

Marty. "We take these things from you!"

Ryan & Connor PWP:
Ryan/Connor, Ryan, Connor. A late-night romp.

Alive Out There:
A guy in the dark...

Chaos/Riot, Riot, Chaos. Two boys, one limp Christmas tree, in a bar!

Key Fic Prologue:
The man who has taken Tinge's key is very different than the last...

Of Summer:
Carlen/Pol. A quick snip of summer...




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